Dear Teays Valley Mixes,
I learned to make gravy and biscuits as young girl and they’ve been a part of my family meals all my life. It was my first baking experience. I never thought that I would find any mix that would even come close to that homemade taste we mixed up in our kitchen. Well I tried your Teays Valley mixes and was happily surprised to find my family liked them as much as my own. Now I’m a country girl and I will probably still make my biscuits and gravy but as easy as your mixes are, my family will never know when they’re having yours or mine.
Thank you.
Helen Estes, West Virginia

Dear Sir/Madam:
We are writing to compliment your company on your Teays Valley Country Gravy Mix and Biscuit Mix. We were given a sample at the Big Bear Store in German Village in Columbus, Ohio. We spoke with your friendly representatives, and purchased the items. This morning we had a wonderful gravy and biscuit breakfast. Thank you for such fine affordable grocery items. Keep up the good work!
Peter and Wendy Whitt, Ohio

I always keep Teays Valley mixes in my pantry. Thank you for making such delicious products. I also have a confession to make to the nice folks at Teays Valley. I have always used your mixes and when having company over I always hear the same thing; “This is homemade cooking at its best”. Yes it’s true I have been taking all the compliments and just smile. I hope you’ll forgive me? From now on I’ll try and tell folks about the Teays Valley mixes after all they are my friends.
Donna Carter, Georgia

Dear Sir,
I married a country boy and for the first few years I tried to cook like his mama but I could tell it just wasn’t living up to that homemade taste. He tolerated it and was even nice about it but I knew I had to do something. We travelled back to see his family I just decided to ask his Mom for her secrets. To my surprise she told me that the “made from scratch” taste came from Teays Valley mixes. When we got home I looked for Teays Valley mixes and the very first time I used the cornbread mix my husband actually said “these are really good, what happened”. Well I’m cooking like a country girl and if you don’t mind I’m going to claim them all as my own!
Patti Foster, Florida

Dear Tasty Blend Personnel,
I have used your Teays Valley Biscuit Mix for several years now and must tell you that these biscuits are, by far, THE BEST! I was raised on country breakfasts so I certainly know my biscuits. Your mix makes even better biscuits than my mom (shhhh, don't tell her) and she has been making scratch biscuits for nearly 70 years. Just today I tried your Chicken Flavored Gravy and Dumpling Mix and really like it, as well. Thanks Tasty Blend Foods for continuing to make such delicious and easy-to-use mixes.
B. Barnes. Harrogate, Tennessee

Dear Mr. Elswick,
Just had to drop you a note to say "Thank You!!" I'm 65 years young, and have tried to make biscuits many times and they NEVER turned out right. Thanks to your product I made tasty biscuits and I felt like a pro! I wish you continued success.
God Bless you
Mrs. Hempfling, Ohio

Dear Sir or Madam,
I just wanted to thank you for making such a great product. I found your biscuit mix quite some time ago while trying to save myself a little time in the kitchen. I had always been a made from scratch biscuit maker but I can't beat the taste of your biscuit mix. Last Sunday I made the Sunday school class breakfast and everyone raved about my biscuits. I think I may have baked my way into a permanent job. Please don't ever change anything about your biscuit mix, it’s perfect.
Wishing you the best
Erin Drapeau, Maine

Dear Tasty Blend Foods,
I was in Clearwater, FL. last week and had the pleasure of trying one of your biscuits in the grocery store. I brought a package back to Georgia, where I live, and made them for my husband and he loved them! He has always just ate my biscuits but never said anything, when he ate these yesterday he had a fit. He wanted to know what I did different...I told him about your product and he told me to get some more....I had already checked and they’re not sold here. So he went in the garbage and got the package and told me to write in hopes that ya'll will send me the information that I need to order some. Please answer my letter in a hurry before my husband worries me to death! Thank you for a great biscuit, and for making my hard to please husband happy!
Sandra Lewis, Georgia

Dear Sir:
I would like to commend you on your Teays Valley Biscuit Mix. There is no comparison with Bisquick, Martha White, etc. I use it for biscuits, dumplings, and pancakes and it is truly delicious!
Ina Griffie, Kentucky

I purchased several bags of your Country Gravy Mix. Unfortunately, it is not sold in this area. We love it! We are a family of 8 and this gravy goes far! Thank you!
Mrs. Chlarolanzlo, New Jersey

A friend recently brought back a few packages of your Teays Valley Biscuit Mix, gave me a package, and it wasn't enough! I promise to throw all my Bisquick away if you will only tell me how to order more Teays Valley!
Thank you!
Sharon Roberts, Arizona

Dear Sir,
On a recent visit to WV we were invited for a "country breakfast". The homemade biscuits were "out-of-this-world" and when I commented on this, I was told they were made with your Teays Valley Mix. What a compliment to your company! I inquired where I might buy this product and found it in the West Virginia Kroger's. I bought a supply to bring back to Delaware, but alas! We ate it! Is there a distributor in Delaware? I understand there are other mixes and I am anxious to try them all!
Thank you!
Mrs. J. Stephenson, Delaware

Dear Sir:
I bought a package of your Teays Valley Biscuit mix and I just wanted to tell you they sure are good and easy to make. You folks sure did something right when you made the mix. Keep up the good work! Also, the Teays Valley Country Gravy Mix is super good!
Mona Evans, Pennesylvania

A couple of months ago, my husband's family was visiting us from West Virginia and brought us some Teays Valley Biscuit Mix. I couldn't really figure out why, since we have some pretty good biscuit mixes here in Texas, and I'm not the biggest biscuit fan in the world. However, they really raved about these biscuits and even said my mother-in-law has now given up making her own biscuits, in favor of Teays Valley Biscuit Mix (this is beginning to sound like a commercial, isn't it?).

Well, we whipped up a batch of the biscuits and I can't tell you how shocked I was. I have to tell you they really are the best biscuits I have ever put in my mouth! I ate three biscuits for breakfast last Sunday ...this is from someone who would normally eat maybe 1/2 to one biscuit...if nothing else was available. I feel kind of silly raving about biscuits to everyone I know, but they are really great!
Yours very truly,
Mary Vargo, Virginia

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