About Us

It all started with a retrofitted RV, recipes for top-quality mixes, and a young man with a big dream. That young man was Tasty Blend CEO Roy Elswick and his dream was to make it possible for anybody to create delicious meals with made-from-scratch tastes in minutes.

The Teays Valley brand developed by Roy Elswick has grown by leaps-and-bounds. From retail brands to private label custom formulations, our mixes have taken on a life of their own. We are proud to have Teays Valley brand mixes in grocery shelves across the South.

Snak-Time Foods has been preparing delicious pre-packaged sandwiches and biscuits for decades. A former client of Tasty Blends', when this lucrative business came up for sale, we jumped. The acquisition of Snak-Time has allowed our company to streamline the process of preparation and manufacturing of its Snak-Time’s product line enabling us to service more clients.

Peach Valley is the newest member in the Tasty Blends family. Formerly known as Mom’s Bakery, the Atlanta-based Peach Valley processing facility is a true workhorse. Capable of producing millions of baked goods, Peach Valley can fulfill any order.

We may have outgrown the RV – but our company is still fueled by the same philosophy. Whether you’re a large food service provider or a busy mom or dad, the Tasty Blend family of products will provide you with made-from-scratch taste in minutes.

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